Bill Gates, who attended the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), warned international authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO), of the inevitability of such a phenomenon as bioterrorism.

The co-founder of Microsoft called for advance preparation for bioterrorist attacks through playing “germ games,” a series of drills in case of another pandemic disaster. According to Mr. Gates, there are naturally occurring epidemics, but epidemics spawned by bioterrorism could be far more serious than even the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Imagine what would happen if a bioterrorist brought the smallpox virus to ten airports around the world.

The fourth richest man on the planet, with a fortune of $129 billion, urged governments in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom to invest tens of billions of dollars in research and development to prepare for potential infectious outbreaks on a planetary scale. Mr. Gates also advised the WHO to form a Pandemic Task Force, which would require at least a billion dollars a year to operate.

Despite the high costs, everyone will benefit from the spin-offs of these initiatives. For example, new production sites will be set up, the world will finally get rid of the flu and eradicate the common cold, vaccines will become significantly cheaper and will be turned into perfectly ordinary patches stuck on the arm.

As Mr. Gates said, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lost trillions of dollars and killed millions of people, has exposed an enormous number of weaknesses in health systems that have contributed to the rapid spread of infection across the planet. And so people are very hopeful that governments will not let this happen again.


Smallpox as Bioterrorist Weapon

Smallpox was completely defeated in 1980, thanks to massive support from the USSR. Only two laboratories in the United States and Russia still have smallpox viruses. Nevertheless, the threat of bioterrorism is real: perpetrators can easily recreate the virus from its publicly available genomic sequence and then use it as a biological weapon. Given that the vast majority of people are currently unvaccinated against smallpox, almost the entire world population remains unprotected against this infection, which is highly contagious, extremely deadly, and has been destroying entire cities for thousands of years.

Smallpox is caused by two species of viruses, Variola major and Variola minor, belonging to the family Poxviridae, subfamily Chordopoxvirinae, genus Orthopoxvirus. The disease has been known to mankind since ancient times. The lethality of smallpox transmitted by airborne droplets or by contact with infected objects and items is so high (not less than 30%) that for tens of centuries it was a veritable curse. Thus, in the XVIII century, every year 400 thousand Europeans died of smallpox. Only in 1796 did Edward Jenner establish that vaccination could prevent smallpox. Nevertheless, even in the twentieth century, smallpox claimed more than 300 million lives.

The last natural case of smallpox was documented in 1977, and in 1980 the WHO announced that smallpox had been eradicated from the planet.

In addition to a number of smallpox vaccines, the pharma industry has also developed medications. In July 2018, Siga Technologies released Tpoxx (tecovirimat), the world’s first smallpox drug. Oral tecovirimat is an inhibitor of the activity of the envelope protein p37, which is present and highly conserved in all members of Orthopoxvirus genus. Tecovirimat blocks the interaction of p37 with cellular GTPase Rab9 and TIP47 protein, thus preventing the formation of enveloped virions ready to leave the cell which allows the virus to spread.

Tembexa (brincidofovir) by Chimerix appeared in June 2021. Oral brincidofovir, another smallpox medicine, is a prodrug of cidofovir. Brincidofovir is conjugated to lipid in order to release cidofovir intracellularly, this increases the intracellular and decreases the plasma concentration of cidofovir. The latter has an antiviral effect on orthopoxviruses by acting as an alternative substrate inhibitor of viral DNA synthesis mediated by viral DNA polymerase.


Bill Gates: Innocent Victim

Bill Gates.
Connor Willumsen/The New York Times.

In March 2015, Bill Gates warned that “the greatest danger to humanity is not a nuclear war, but a highly infectious virus that will endanger the lives of millions of people. One of the reasons for such an event is the allocation of very little money to prevent epidemics. If not prepared in advance, the infection, which will spread very quickly across the planet, could become much more deadly than Ebola. Ebola taught mankind a good lesson by serving as an early precaution, a warning signal. If we start preparing now, we will be fully prepared.”

When COVID-19 hit the world, Mr. Gates immediately became the star of a slew of conspiracy theories. Social media was flooded with millions of messages claiming he was behind the creation of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, profited from COVID-19 vaccines, and was part of a nefarious conspiracy to use the infection to cull and monitor the world’s population.

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Conspiracy theorists have suggested that Mr. Gates knew about the pandemic because the Pirbright Institute holds a patent related to the coronavirus and the British academic institution itself is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (Then, however, it turned out that the invention was related to a potential vaccine against a coronavirus that affects poultry.)

Here’s what outraged Twitter users said about Mr. Gates and his connection to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The devil and evil in human form. Don’t trust him. His wife is gone, a smart woman.
  • The Gates Foundation owns Pfizer.
  • The man is evil personified.
  • Compulsory vaccination is the mantra to kill as many people as possible.
  • The virus was engineered by rich psychopaths. These terrorists should be arrested and prosecuted for a crime against humanity.
  • He is the right hand of the Antichrist.
  • It was all planned to seize control, exterminate the population and transfer the wealth to the corporations.
  • A true genocide.
  • The truth about conspiracies: those who plan an attack always divulge their plan publicly years before they act, and this is called political propaganda.
  • When the rich and powerful people put all their time and energy into planning a pandemic, they are more likely to create one than to let the plans go to waste.

Internet trolls have not stopped broadcasting that Gates, who has floated the idea of “digital certificates” to confirm the presence or absence of the coronavirus, wants to monitor the population with microchips that are injected into the body along with the COVID-19 vaccine and which are the incarnation of a globalist dream.

The billionaire and philanthropist has been reminded that his Foundation — which distributes vaccines in developing countries, advocates family planning through greater use of contraceptives, and funds the development of genetically modified crops — deliberately harms the poor with unnecessary drugs and harmful crops in an attempt to suppress the global population.

That would be all right, but such large-scale misinformation has led to incredible resistance from humanity unwilling to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and believing piously in the conspiracy of the world’s elite.

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