BioPharma Media, a specialized research and information and analytical service, adheres in its daily work to a certain editorial policy, the main principles of which are presented below.

BioPharma Media’s Goals and Objectives

BioPharma Media’s main goal is to provide comprehensive information about the most exciting developments in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This also includes related occurrences taking place in medical science and health care in general.

Any tasks implemented by BioPharma Media are aimed at achieving this goal.


BioPharma Media’s Guidelines

BioPharma Media is a non-profit research-based investment-funded service.

Being free of engagement or affiliation with the pharmaceutical market participants, BioPharma Media follows absolute objectivity and complete impartiality in assessing what is happening in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and broadcasts all the views and aspects of industry processes — as required by unprejudiced and independent research analytics.

BioPharma Media strictly requires its publications to be unbiased, open-minded, and honest in their coverage of the topics presented. Any information item BioPharma Media deals with is examined from the point of view of all parties involved in its appearance.

Any personalized evaluation of any news or event, if any, is either given with reference to the private opinion of industry specialists or is a private view solely of those experts who are behind the published material.

Responsibility for the accuracy of the facts stated lies solely on the source to be specified, if necessary, in each specific case. BioPharma Media, for its part, does its best to check the truthfulness of published information and data. However, there is a tiny chance that a certain portion of the provided information is not fully qualified since there is the possibility of human error.


BioPharma Media’s Subject Areas

BioPharma Media aims to cover the main topic — small-molecule and biological drugs and the pharmacological effect they have on the human body by curing a disease or helping to prevent it, maintaining health, improving the quality of life, and prolonging it.

BioPharma Media tells about medicines, methods, and ways of correction and treatment of diseases, approaches to therapy of pathological conditions. BioPharma Media reports on brand new, innovative developments as well as existing ones.

For this purpose, BioPharma Media attracts information components that make up the world pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry such as:

  • successes and achievements, failures and drawbacks of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • major scientific discoveries
  • clinical trials of experimental drugs
  • regulatory decisions and approvals of new drugs
  • agreements and partnerships, proceedings and disputes between market participants, and their financial performance
  • market analysis and statistical data.


BioPharma Media’s Core Audience

BioPharma Media is oriented toward industry professionals: doctors, researchers, investors, manufacturers, pharmacists, chemists, biologists, and public opinion makers — all those who need to be deeply informed about what is happening in the world of pharmaceuticals.


BioPharma Media’s Hallmark

BioPharma Media tells you what others don’t tell you. Without a bold dive into the fundamentally important details, if that is what it takes, it is impossible to recreate a holistic picture of what happened. And without a thorough analysis of a controversial event, there is no way to be objective.


And Remember That

…the main thing in our understanding is humanity.

We work with all diligence, modesty, and hope for the progress of medicine and science, the development of health care, public and individual health so that people, small and large, do not fall ill, and not a single “tear of a child” come into being from pain and suffering.

But that is not all.

The rest is in every publication on BioPharma Media.