BioPharma Media is a specialized research and data analysis service that adheres to a particular editorial policy. Below are excerpts from the primary principles of this policy that we believe are necessary and appropriate to disclose for a better understanding of the specifics of our activities.

Goals and Objectives

BioPharma Media’s main goal is to provide comprehensive information about the most exciting developments in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, as well as related occurrences in medical science and healthcare.

All objectives are solely focused on achieving this goal.



BioPharma Media is a non-profit, research-based, investment-funded service.

With no involvement, engagement, commitment, or affiliation with any of the industry participants, BioPharma Media maintains absolute objectivity and complete impartiality in its assessment of the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We convey all viewpoints and aspects of industry processes as required by unprejudiced and independent research analysis.

BioPharma Media strictly requires its publications to be unbiased, open-minded, and honest in their coverage of the presented topics. Any information that BioPharma Media deals with is examined from the perspective of all parties involved in its appearance.

Any subjective evaluation of news or events, if any, is attributed to industry experts/specialists/professionals or solely to Our Team members behind the published content.

The source specified in each case is responsible for the accuracy of the stated facts. BioPharma Media strives to verify the truthfulness of published data. However, there is a small chance that some information provided may not be fully qualified due to the possibility of human error.


Subject Areas

BioPharma Media reveals the wealth of small-molecule and biological drugs and their pharmacological effects that are used to treat or prevent disease, maintain health, improve quality of life, and prolong life.

BioPharma Media covers brand new drugs and innovative therapies as well as existing ones.


Core Audience

Because BioPharma Media’s content is primarily aimed at industry professionals, the information may not always be easy to understand for an untrained reader. However, it is this specialized approach that helps us avoid the common problem in scientific journalism, where popularizing and vulgarizing of medical knowledge can result in complex and challenging scientific issues being clothed in the form of oversimplified theses and presented in an essentially emasculated manner, ultimately altering the meaning beyond recognition. This can lead to distorted information and poor decision-making.



BioPharma Media tells you what others won’t. Without a bold dive into the fundamentally important details, if that is what it takes, it is impossible to create a holistic picture of what happened. And without a thorough analysis of a controversial event, there is no way to be objective.