Who We Are

BioPharma Media is a specialized analytical service engaged in scientific research, reference, and information activities by targeting key events in the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, and healthcare industries.


For Whom

BioPharma Media is oriented toward industry professionals: doctors, researchers, investors, manufacturers, pharmacists, chemists, biologists, and public opinion makers — all those who need to be deeply informed about what is happening in the world of pharmaceuticals.


Why Us

BioPharma Media tells you what others are not telling you.

Being an independent and non-profit analytical service, BioPharma Media is not connected in any way with the players of the global pharmaceutical industry. And so we report on news, events, facts, cases, conflicts, phenomena, mishaps, and peripeteia in the industry — information and data about which their participants would probably prefer to avoid.

BioPharma Media provides a full analytical snapshot of any given event.

BioPharma Media takes great care to dive into the essential details because without them, if it is required, it is impossible to recreate a complete picture of what happened. And without a comprehensive analysis of a controversial phenomenon, there is no way to adhere to strict objectivity in the narrative.


Why You Should Trust Us

BioPharma Media is a non-profit research-based investment-funded service.

Being free of any affiliation with the pharmaceutical market players, BioPharma Media is absolutely objective and unbiased in its appraisal of what is going on in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry and covers all viewpoints and aspects of the industry processes — as required by impartial and independent research analytics.

BioPharma Media does not advertise, promote, sponsor, or recommend any drugs or medical services. We only tell the truth about medicines, presenting an honest picture of what is going on.

BioPharma Media adheres to a certain editorial policy, the main principles of which can be found here.


What We Talk About

The informational core of BioPharma Media is concentrated around thematic areas aimed at disclosing general and point issues and key aspects of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as the activities of the players:

  • successes and achievements, failures and setbacks of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, start-ups, and academic institutions
  • significant scientific discoveries, analytical, statistical, and review studies
  • results of preclinical and clinical trials of experimental drugs and drug candidates
  • actions of pharmaceutical industry regulators including the U.S. FDA and the European EMA
  • strategic alliances, agreements, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions
  • patent disputes, lawsuits, and legal proceedings
  • financial performance, forecasts, and reports of pharmaceutical industry players
  • firings and appointments of pharmaceutical company executives, staff layoffs, and personnel reshuffles.