BioPharma Media receives personal data from readers and processes it in the context of using its specialized research and information analytics service. This document describes how exactly this process is carried out.

Your presence on the BioPharma Media’s website means that you are informed of this policy and agree to the application of the principles outlined below.


Reader — any individual who uses any services provided by BioPharma Media.

Reader Data — any information that BioPharma Media knows about the Reader.

Personal Data — any information related to the Reader Data.

Processing — collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of the Personal Data with or without the use of technical means of automation.

BioPharma Media — any public service of the specialized research and reference and information analytical service, available within the Internet domain


Key Principles

BioPharma Media ensures the confidentiality of Personal Data and uses all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect Personal Data.

In some cases, BioPharma Media cooperates with partners (web analytics systems of Google and Bing search engines, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn social networks, Ezoic service) to Process Personal Data and transfers this data to them. In these cases, we make sure that appropriate security measures are observed. This means that we do not share Personal Data with partners if we have doubts about their data storage principles or if we know that these principles differ seriously from those described in this document.


Categories of Personal Data

BioPharma Media may store two types of Personal Data:

Identification data

  • web request data: date and time, the source of the link, IP address, geolocation information, which BioPharma Media pages the Reader opened, and how the Reader interacted with them
  • browser data: type, language, version, cookies
  • operating system data: type, language, version, screen resolution.

Contact data

  • last name and first name
  • email
  • Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profile address.


Reasons for Processing Personal Data

BioPharma Media Processes Personal Data for the following reasons:

  • To collect statistical information, to monitor whether BioPharma Media is available to the Readers, to understand how the Readers use its services, to improve Readers’ experience, to improve BioPharma Media’s content creation, to improve BioPharma Media’s website performance, to improve ad performance. The monitoring is done in a depersonalized manner (that is, without making automated decisions or profiling anything or anyone based on this information) and is intended to make working and interacting with BioPharma Media more convenient.
  • To respond to incoming Readers’ inquiries they send to BioPharma Media via email or social networks.


Deletion of Personal Data

The Readers have the right to request that their Personal Data be deleted. To do so, send a corresponding email to


Changing Personal Data Processing Policy

BioPharma Media may at any time, unilaterally and without prior notice to the Readers, change or discontinue following the above policy on the Processing of Personal Data. The new edition of the policy comes into force from the moment of its publication on BioPharma Media’s website.


Additional Information