BioPharma Media is a specialized research and data analysis service that calls on the expertise of high-end professionals with extensive experience in drug discovery, development, clinical trials, production, distribution, and promotion.

BioPharma Media accumulates knowledge, experience, best practices, and implementations to provide professional services and solutions for complex tasks and large-scale projects.

BioPharma Media adheres to a particular editorial policy, the primary principles of which can be found here.

Mark Gubar

BioPharma Media’s Scientific Editor

Mark has long been the most closely involved in the entire process of drug approval. That’s why for Mark a special interest is a comprehensive question of what and how the regulators are guided, who, on the one hand, are interested in launching new drugs into the world market and, on the other, must adhere to strict guidelines for their quality, safety, and efficacy evaluation.

“The Almighty invented the living organism by building it on agonists. Medicine tries to inhibit everything.”

Professional interests: phenotypic screening in vitro, sequencing technologies, predictors of clinical relevance, and patient compliance.

Mark’s primary contribution to BioPharma Media comes from his careful handling of issues related to clinical trials and regulatory actions.

Julia Mardi

BioPharma Media’s Scientific Editor

Julia strives to recognize in advance in which direction the pharmaceutical industry is moving. To this end, she keeps a close eye on the dynamics and patterns of development of the global drug industry in order to anticipate the emergence of promising molecules belonging to a new chemical class, characterized by a new mechanism of action, or targeted at a new target.

“Scientific medicine is a school for the mind, enlightenment is an occupation for the good of mankind.”

Professional interests: gene therapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, molecular biology, and drug repurposing.

Julia’s focus for BioPharma Media is on general issues and highly specialized topics in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Tanya von Reuss

BioPharma Media’s Scientific Editor

Tanya has been dedicated to forensic science and molecular pathology for two decades. That’s the reason why she, more than anyone else, understands how important scientific breakthroughs and advanced research projects are in the world of drugs. After all, without proper therapy, any serious disease uniquely contributes to a clear decline in health and quality of life, often dramatically increasing the risk of death.

“Medication intervention in the normal functioning of the body should be minimized. But it is necessary to carry it out on a mandatory basis, if the disturbance of physiological processes cannot be corrected by any other methods, including alternative and complementary medicine.”

Professional interests: thanatology, evidence-based medicine, and holistic medicine.

For BioPharma Media’s tasks, Tanya follows the main trends in the world pharmaceutical business and she is engaged in scientific research.

Alex Avisoni

BioPharma Media’s Business Editor

It’s hard for a successful enterprise to do without economists and lawyers. Alex, who continues to build up real-world experience in these two fields, is well-versed in the interrelationships of pharma industry players, who are incredibly intricately associated with each other, even if ostensibly at war with one another.

“There are no random people in the pharmaceutical business; everyone knows each other more than enough — and still this everyone is trying to deceive a competitor.”

Professional interests: financial recovery strategies, budgeting systems, offshore jurisdictions, and patent law.

Alex’s priorities for BioPharma Media include mergers and acquisitions, litigation and disputes, financial performance, and personnel reshuffles.

Timur Burkhanayev

BioPharma Media’s Data Analyst

Timur is a result-oriented professional who has almost 15 years of well-rounded analyst experience combining business acumen and digital skillset to optimize business processes and exceed expectations. Timur maximizes his contribution by leveraging cutting-edge data manipulation tools and applying professional expertise backed up by a Certificate of Management Accountant (CMA).

“A good data analyst will not ask you ‘how are you doing,’ instead he/she will tell you how you are doing.”

Professional interests: budgeting, forecasting, and financial analyses, and data processing tools such as MS Excel, SQL, and Cognos.

Within BioPharma Media, Timur mines and analyzes scientific and business data, providing meaningful insights to drive continuous improvement of the existing business model and identify opportunities for future growth.

Michael Trizman

BioPharma Media’s Executive Secretary

In his professional career, Michael has prioritized advanced data science and data journalism from the beginning.

“Numbers are the greatest mystery in the universe, and mathematics is the art of solving it. Nothing in the world, except nature itself, can boast of perfect mathematical beauty. Science, essentially always operating with numbers and mathematics, is only approximately a way to understand how the human body works because nature does not have the dualism of things that we are accustomed to.”

Michael is responsible for corporate communications and coordinates BioPharma Media’s activity.

Nik Resovski

BioPharma Media’s Editor-in-Chief

His amazing capacity for work and the ability to dig deep into details had allowed Nik to launch several start-ups. His unmistakable vision of the future, talent to learn new things, and flexibility to adjust quickly are all inherent to exceptionally successful ventures. And his cheerful nature and skill in finding the right people have opened up incredible avenues for being on the march.

“Only a handful of ones value their time and the time of others. Most waste it. Time is so imperceptible and fleeting that all that is left to do is to regret it sorely. Appreciate the silent ones — the rationality of their rare words is immeasurable. And stay away from the ones who are negative — they see a problem in every decision.”

Nik is behind BioPharma Media’s comprehensive and integrated development strategy.