Ozempic (semaglutide) is a game-changer in the world of weight loss.

Ozempic is flying off the shelves. Novo Nordisk is struggling to keep up with demand, with virtual queues forming at drugstores.

Originally, Ozempic was meant to treat type 2 diabetes (T2D). But word of mouth on social media has been its biggest marketing tool. Now, people with obesity or overweight issues are using it.

People are going crazy over it. Ozempic’s high efficacy has led to millions losing significant weight.

The results are pretty impressive: dozens of pounds of fat, the burden of associated overweight diseases, depression, anxiety, and self-disgust — all gone!



Ozempic isn’t just about weight loss. It’s like a fountain of youth. It’s as if 10–15–20 years have been erased, a second wind is blown, the mind becomes sharper, and consciousness is clear.



Obesity is a long-term health issue that increases the risk of death from any cause and from cardiovascular disease.

Obesity is linked to a whole host of health problems, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease (CHD), heart failure, atrial fibrillation, stroke, obstructive sleep apnea, venous thromboembolism, cancer, osteoarthritis, hepatobiliary diseases, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), asthma, and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Even moderate weight loss can help to improve these conditions.

It’s well-known that obesity affects human psychosocial functions. It’s also common knowledge that obese people are universally stigmatized. This can be seen in education, employment, and healthcare, among other areas.



It’s important to remember that health and beauty often come at a cost. Weekly subcutaneous injections of Ozempic can cause some unpleasant side effects, like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In some people, these can be pretty severe and disruptive. Fortunately, over time, these adverse events almost completely go away — the body gets used to it. But it’s still a challenge to wait out this distressing period.



Ozempic is selling like hotcakes. Novo Nordisk made $5.36 billion from it in 2021, and by 2022, that number had already shot up to $8.44 billion. In 2023, the Danish pharmaceutical company made an impressive $13.52 billion from Ozempic.



There’s a new one in the long list of conspiracy theories: Ozempic is the saliva of reptiloids. There’s a grain of truth to this, because Ozempic’s biochemical roots come from the venom of the Gila monster lizard (Heloderma suspectum) [1].

However, if you look into it, Ozempic has nothing to do with it. It’s true that its evolutionary predecessor exenatide was developed on the basis of exendin-4, which was isolated from the venom of this reptile. The subsequent lixisenatide slightly modified the structure of exenatide. However, liraglutide, dulaglutide, and semaglutide were based exclusively on human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) [2] [3] [4].



Here are 50 inspiring success stories of people who lost weight and shared their journeys on Reddit. Some lost weight quickly, while others lost it slowly. Either way, it’s worth recognizing the achievements of these individuals striving to become healthier.


After 8 months on Ozempic and hiking activities, the woman lost 70 pounds (32 kg), from 250 pounds (113 kg) to 180 pounds (82 kg). Her glycated hemoglobin dropped from 6.5% to 5.0% [1].

“I want to motivate you: you can do anything.”

A 5′5″ (1.65 m) woman lost 35 pounds (16 kg) from 215 pounds (98 kg) to 180 pounds (82 kg) in 3 months by taking Ozempic and walking in the morning [2].

“The guy who didn’t want to talk to me before is now approaching me. It’s like an ugly chrysalis turning into a beautiful butterfly. I know what it’s like to be unhappy in your skin.”

bbumblebeebean / Reddit.

A 53-year-old woman lost 26 pounds (12 kg) of weight in 70 days on Ozempic, regular exercise (swimming and the gym), a high-protein diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, and quality sleep. Her waist volume decreased by 3.3 inches (8.5 cm), her menopausal symptoms improved significantly, and her high blood pressure medications were reduced [3] [4].

“My inner voice no longer screams to pounce on food to destroy it all.”

A 67-year-old 5′2″ (1.57 m) woman lost 73 pounds (33 kg) using Ozempic for 17 months with little exercise but a 1200 kcal diet. It took approximately one year to lose 50 pounds (23 kg), and then the process slowed dramatically [5].

“Ozempic saved my life! I was having serious breathing problems and could have had a heart attack with all the extra pounds. Now I feel 20 years younger and I can run again.”

A 5′1″ (1.55 m) woman: minus 73 pounds (31 kg) in one year, from 203 pounds (92 kg) to 135 pounds (61 kg), taking Ozempic only for the first 6 months. In addition: low-carbohydrate diet, at least 10,000 steps per day, gym 3 times a week, drastic reduction in alcohol consumption [6].

“It’s a miracle! Do what the body says.”

Aggravating-Angle444 / Reddit.

A 29-year-old 5′2″ (1.57 m) woman with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) lost 60 pounds (27 kg), from 250 pounds (113 kg) to 190 pounds (86 kg), in 8 months. She started on Mounjaro (tirzepatide), then switched to Ozempic after 3 months. She maintained a caloric deficit with complete abstinence from alcohol [7].

“My progress has been slow but steady: I’ve lost an average of 7 pounds (3 kg) a month. I want to get down to 110 pounds (50 kg).”

StrongBed3707 / Reddit.

A woman after losing 47 pounds (21 kg) on Ozempic no longer needs a CPAP machine because her sleep apnea is gone [8].

“I used to wear black all the time, thinking the dark color would hide the pounds. Now I’m adding more colorful items to my wardrobe. Feeling great and loving life!”

NiWyeems / Reddit.

A 5′6″ (1.68 m) woman with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) lost 81 pounds (37 kg), from 280 pounds (127 kg) to 199 pounds (90 kg), in 11 months by using Ozempic. She limited her diet to 1500 kcal, but didn’t restrict her food choices. She lost the first 60–70 pounds (27–32 kg) without any physical activity at all, then added water aerobics once a week [9] [48].

“Ozempic changed my cravings for sweets and got rid of obsessive thoughts about food.”

TopHatsOnLlamas / Reddit.

A woman on Ozempic lost 43 pounds (19 kg) in 7 months, going from 278 pounds (126 kg) to 235 pounds (107 kg) [10].

“I’m thrilled.”

There’s a clear difference in appearance after a man underwent a weight loss course with Ozempic [11].

“A new lease on life.”

A man lost 32 pounds (14 kg), from 252 pounds (114 kg) to 220 pounds (100 kg), in 100 days by following Ozempic therapy, increasing his daily physical activity (gym and walking) and making drastic changes to his diet (high-protein food, lots of fluids, no sugar). As a result, he was able to replace excess fat with muscle mass [12].

“Consistency is the key.”

NefariousnessVast547 / Reddit.

An impressive transformation in 8 months after a 39-year-old woman diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), characterized by an increased tendency to all addictions and cravings (including food addiction), decided to get rid of a load of problems, including excess weight, with the help of Ozempic [13].

“I stopped eating at night and drinking alcohol in general, I became much more patient, my type 2 diabetes went into stable remission, my blood sugar dropped below 5%, my outer garment size decreased by 4 and my undergarment size by 2, and now I weigh somewhere between 80 and 100 pounds (36–45 kg)”.

A 43-year-old 5′6″ (1.68 m) woman turned to Ozempic when she began to gradually gain weight, dropping from 278 lbs (126 kg) to 203 lbs (92 kg) after bariatric surgery. Within a year, she lost 55 pounds (25 kg), from 230 pounds (104 kg) to 175 pounds (79 kg) [14].

“I don’t regret having the surgery because it has, I think, helped me get rid of overeating. But now I would choose Ozempic, it was a turning point. I don’t crave sweets anymore. I can’t eat more than one small portion of food.”

BabyYodasMacaron / Reddit.

10 months of using Ozempic significantly changed a very obese woman suffering from multiple co-morbid obesity and no disease conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, depressive disorder, and anxiety disorder. She lost 54 pounds (24 kg) in the first 4 months. She is trying to eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates and to be more active [15] [16].

“By far not where I want to be, but I’m well on my way. So embarrassed of my before.”

When the woman lost 42 pounds (19 kg), going from 190 pounds (86 kg) to 148 pounds (67 kg) in 10 months on Ozempic, her arthritic knee pain and high blood pressure went away on their own [17].

“If you’re not seeing results right away and you’re disheartened, just keep it up. We’re all beautiful and we’re all doing a damn thing.”

Rigid_Rita / Reddit.

This woman’s long journey with Ozempic is still ongoing, but her weight loss progress is evident [18].

“I didn’t lose weight that fast, even when I was on a strict ketodiet”.

Asleep-Song-5506 / Reddit.

The woman lost 50 pounds (23 kg), from 257 pounds (117 kg) to 207 pounds (94 kg), in 5 months of using Ozempic with minimal additional physical activity [19].

“I feel so much more confident. My clothes fit better. I’m happier. My sex life has become so good without so many insecurities. I finally got off beta blockers because my heart stopped pounding like crazy.”

Minus 23 pounds (11 kg), from 185 pounds (84 kg) to 162 pounds (73 kg), in 7 weeks on Ozempic for a 5′6″ (1.7 m) woman. Soda, sweet tea, and late night snacking are completely out. Instead, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet [20].

“Begin becoming a different person.”

A 52-year-old 5′8″(1.73 m) woman lost 42 pounds (19 kg) in 6 months of taking Ozempic, reducing her weight from 238 pounds (108 kg) to 196 pounds (89 kg) [21] [22] [23].

“I feel absolutely amazing! Remember to be proud of who you are and your journey trough this process.”

The man has been on Ozempic for only 4 weeks, but the results of weight loss have already been seen [24].

“I have no appetite at all, I have to force myself to eat.”

Dabsy_1977 / Reddit.

Ozempic injections over 11 months resulted in a loss of 50 pounds (23 kg), from 215 pounds (98 kg) to 165 pounds (75 kg), in a woman who followed a high-protein diet and intermittent fasting with an 8-hour eating window [25].

“Weight loss was truly slow, most likely due to persistent insulin resistance.”

A six-month course of Ozempic helped the woman lose 46 pounds (21 kg), from 235 pounds (107 kg) to 189 pounds (86 kg) [26].

“I used to be shamed for being overweight — I don’t want to hear that anymore.”

A year on Ozempic not only eliminated the woman’s extra pounds, but also spared her from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), pre-diabetic status, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) [27].

“I feel great again!”

Minus 70 pounds (32 kg) in 9 months is the result of a woman using Ozempic [28].

“All my life I didn’t take any pictures because that’s how much I hated my body. I can’t explain the relief it is.”

A woman lost 80 pounds (36 kg) in a year of taking Ozempic [29].

“Still more to go, but so happy at how far I’ve come! Ozempic has completely changed my attitude to food. For the first six months, I didn’t like food at all. Now I let myself eat anything I want, but my quantities are so much less than they used to be.”

egordon132 / Reddit.

A 51-year-old man with severe obesity, type 2 diabetes (T2D), metabolic syndrome, and spinal and heart issues was able to lose 151 pounds (68 kg), from 347 pounds (157 kg) to 196 pounds (89 kg), by following Ozempic therapy [30].

“All my labs are great, my blood pressure is normal, physically I don’t really feel any different than I did before I lost weight.”

A 5′8″(1.73 m) woman got rid of 50 pounds (23 kg), getting thinner from 218 pounds (99 kg) to 168 pounds (76 kg) in one year of using Ozempic [31].

“I’ve been losing very slowly, but I finally saw some progress.”

NLSSMC / Reddit.

A 23-year-old woman lost 90 pounds (41 kg) in 8 months on Ozempic, dropping from 240 pounds (109 kg) to 150 pounds (68 kg). Daily exercise and a high-protein diet were combined. At the end, two type 2 diabetes (T2D) medications were discontinued because it came under perfect control [32].

“I went through hell, but it was definitely worth it. I literally feel renewed.”

elliot-saderson / Reddit.

The woman lost 20 pounds (9 kg) in 2.5 months on Ozempic, and through daily weight training, fat gave way to gaining muscles [33].

“Ozempic gave me a powerful boost to completely overhaul my eating habits, and now I’m off the drug.”

shyanaxo4 / Reddit.

A 5′4″ (1.63 m) woman who took Ozempic for 5 months lost 21 pounds (10 kg), from 194 pounds (88 kg) to 173 pounds (78 kg). The slow rate of weight loss was due to both constitution and dietary patterns including eating large meals at night [33].

“It’s easy to start judging yourself when you see others losing weight so quickly, but you have to remind yourself that every body is different and every person loses and gains weight differently. Time, patience, and indulgence. You’ll get there.”

A 6′6″ (1.98 m) man lost 47 pounds (21 kg), going from 425 pounds (193 kg) to 378 pounds (172 kg), in 5 months by following Ozempic and reinforcing the results by going to the gym [34].

“I used to binge on junk food all the time, but now I’ve learned to control myself.”

SpookyTreeFrog / Reddit.

A 55-year-old woman lost 55 pounds (25 kg) of excess weight in 10 months of using Ozempic. Metformin is no longer needed because her glycated hemoglobin level has dropped form 6.9% to 5.5% [35] [36].

“I’m so proud of myself. I’m still on my high blood pressure medication but I hope to be off it soon.”

A 40-year-old 5′4″ (1.63 m) woman lost 149 lbs (68 kg) of weight in 20 months, reducing her weight from 273 lbs (124 kg) to 124 lbs (56 kg). Her medical history included type 2 diabetes (T2D), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NASH) with fibrosis at F3 stage and ALT and AST levels 8 times higher than normal [37].

“I have been taking Ozempic all this time, but due to a shortage I had to switch to Munjaro in the fall of 2023. My labs are perfect. I’m worried about the summer and all of this extra skin.”

SadIntro / Reddit.

11 months on Ozempic, and the woman lost 70 pounds (32 kg), from 360 pounds (163 kg) to 290 pounds (131 kg) [38].

“Slow and steady.”

pdxtravelers / Reddit.

A 30-year-old 5′2″ (1.57 m) woman lost 32 pounds (14 kg) of weight in 5 months of using Ozempic, from 272 pounds (123 kg) to 240 pounds (109 kg). Glycated hemoglobin dropped from 5.8% to 5.2% [39] [40] [41].

“People always correlate weight loss with time. Everything has to be instant, fast, or drastic to make people feel like it is working. When you tell others about your weight loss, it’s like we have to prove it. This messes with our subconscious because we start to feel like things aren’t working if we’re not melting the pounds off.”

9 months of Ozempic allowed this woman to lose 60 pounds (27 kg), from 230 pounds (104 kg) to 170 pounds (77 kg) [42].

“It’s okay, but trying to deal with the severe side effects.”

nictwomey / Reddit.

45 pounds (20 kg) of excess weight went away from a 5′2″ (1.57 m) woman in 3.5 months of Ozempic. She lost weight from 210 lbs (95 kg) to 165 lbs (75 kg) [43].

“Not liking my own body made me take fewer pictures.”

A 30-year-old 5′5″ (1.65 m) woman suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) lost weight from 244 pounds (111 kg) to 204 pounds (93 kg). The slow get rid of 40 pounds (18 kg) of excess weight happened in 8.5 months on Ozempic. Although she adheres to regular exercise and a calorie deficit [44].

“I’m not losing weight fast, it’s coming off slowly but steadily. We all deserve to love ourselves, no matter where we are on our journey.”

Grouchy_Inspector229 / Reddit.

A 32-year-old 5′2″ (1,57 m) woman on Ozempic lost 40 pounds (18 kg) in 5 months, losing weight from 291 pounds (132 kg) to 251 pounds (114 kg). She does not exercise, but follows a bariatric diet (very high in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates) [45] [46].

“One day, you’ll look in the mirror and go, ‘Whoa!’ Don’t give up!”

A 35-year-old 5′0″ (1.52 m) woman lost 70 pounds (32 kg) in 1 year and 7 months on Ozempic, reducing her weight from 280 pounds (127 kg) to 210 pounds (95 kg) [47].

“The weight was going away very slowly, fluctuating up and down. But I finally saw my waistline — my favorite part of my body.”

Ozempic helped this woman lose 31 pounds (14 kg) in 4 months [49].

“I’m going to the gym to really improve my form.”

OkProgress9669 / Reddit.

10 weeks on Ozempic burned off 33 pounds (15 kg) of excess weight in this woman. She kept her diet limited to 1200–1400 kcal, walked a lot (11,000 steps a day), and didn’t indulge in sweets and sodas [50].

“It’s a journey, and there will be good and bad days, but just to get back on track.”

Modern_Loneliness / Reddit.

The 5′6″ (1.68 m) woman started at 242 pounds (110 kg), and in 10 months Ozempic brought her weight down to 177 pounds (80 kg), ridding her body of 65 pounds (30 kg) of excess weight [51].

“I started wearing my favorite clothes that I had not been able to fit into for 6 years. My blood pressure is down, my mood is better, I have relief from back and foot pain, and my menstrual cycle became more regular. I can now focus on my friends, family, and career instead of mentally berating myself every day for feeling hungry. It’s great to look good and feel great.”

violettaquarium / Reddit.

In 1 month of using Ozempic, a 5′3″ (1.6 m) woman lost 28 pounds (13 kg) of weight, from 346 pounds (157 kg) to 318 pounds (144 kg) [52].

“I’m trying my best!”

A 33-year-old 5′4″ (1.63 m) woman lost 55 pounds (25 kg) in 9 months, from 170 pounds (77 kg) to 115 pounds (52 kg), with the help of Ozempic [53].

“I’m dysmorphophobic, and I’m afraid I haven’t lost enough weight. My inner voice says that at my current weight I should look different — slimmer. I’ve started reducing the dosage of the drug because I realize there has to be a line somewhere. I can’t keep on this track forever. But this led to a food noise again, and I started snacking, which I hadn’t done in many months. I hate it.”

A month on Ozempic and a 5′4″ (1.68 m) woman lost 18 pounds (8 kg), dropping from 308 pounds (140 kg) to 290 pounds (132 kg) [54].

“I’m honestly surprised that I’ve had the results that I’ve had. I’ve been working out for a year now, but it wasn’t until I added the medication that I noticed a noticeable change in my weight.”

cluelessteaspoon / Reddit.

Minus 18 pounds (8 kg), from 252 pounds (114 kg) to 234 pounds (106 kg), in the 2 months this woman had Ozempic injections [55].

“My appetite is already almost non existent. My alcohol consumption has decreased significantly, which helps me a lot.”

Honest_Second_4745 / Reddit.

A 30-year-old 5′4″ (1.68 m) woman lost 76 pounds (34 kg) in 17 months on Ozempic, from 212 pounds (96 kg) to 136 pounds (62 kg) [56].

“When I hit plateaus, I focused as many calories as possible on protein and fiber. And the plateaus didn’t last more than two weeks. I didn’t exercise at all.”

futuredarlings / Reddit.

A year of Ozempic treatment helped this woman lose 61 pounds (28 kg) of excess weight, from 220 pounds (100 kg) to 159 pounds (72 kg) [57].

“I lost total control of my life and my eating habits. The ketogenic diet helped a little, but I hated it. I was always hungry and overwhelmed by not being able to eat the foods I enjoyed. With Ozempic, my life has completely changed. I won’t lie, I have lost most of my muscle, but I’m very happy with the results. My self-esteem is back, I enjoy dressing up again, I can eat less than before, I don’t have body aches, and I can walk without getting super tired.”

Sunnygirltx / Reddit.

This man became 60 pounds (27 kg) lighter, from 250 pounds (113 kg) to 190 pounds (86 kg), in 9 months of using Ozempic [58].

“It gets harder after a while because the weight comes off slower and in my case I get very impatient and frustrated. Anyone out there who is plateauing and starting to lose faith, just keep working at it and you’ll get through it, but it may take you a month or two. Don’t give up.”

More to follow…

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